Welcome to London!

London is a city of superlatives, where you can discover new things every day: ever-growing, changing, imposing as well as provoking, where old and new are literally back-to-back.

This beautiful world city, established almost 2,000 years ago, holds numerous secrets, which are waiting to be discovered.

London is arguably one of the most multifaceted cities in the world. Over 300 different languages are spoken within its boundaries. Cuisines from all over the world are celebrated here. There are countless cultural events taking place every day.

As you can see, London is an extremely exciting and fun city!

If it's your first time here or you have been in 'jolly old London' before, you shouldn't miss the chance to go sightseeing with a professional and qualified London Blue Badge guide, who is not only going to show you the landmarks, but also entertain you with informative as well as fun facts and background stories.

Let me show you London from a different angle, let us discover London together!

Row of iconic London red phone cabins wi
London street of preserved 18th century
Beautiful region of Camden town in Regen
Panoramic view of Canary wharf viewed fr
Buckingham Palace in London.jpg